Marbella: the most sophisticated spa experience in the world

Best Spa experience in Marbella

In Marbella, there is the most sophisticated spa experience to suit all tastes. Hydrotherapy circuit, beauty treatments and therapies for ultimate pampering and relaxation. As well as, special treatments for stress, digestive problems and weight loss, among others. You will feel the effects immediately. Your energy levels restored, your body and mind relaxed and revitalised, ready to face the world.

What to look for a unique spa experience

Most spas feature a hydrotherapy/hydrothermal pool with warm jets, sauna, hammam and relaxation room.  In addition, there are areas where you lie down and your whole body is massaged with jets (known as a bubble bed). Some also have a Jacuzzi, either integrated into the pool, or separate. They may also have an ice fountain.

You should know that when we spa, we look forward very high standards. The overall experience is the key: the criteria includes everything from expecting a beautiful spa area, relaxing mood and serene facilities. As well as,  seamless service, divine products, world-class expertise and intelligent spa treatments. We’re wanting a perfect relaxation area that invigorate the senses, recharges the energy levels and balances mind and body. 

Five of the most luxurious spa experience in Marbella

1.  Marbella Club Thalasso Spa

This spa is composed of 3 saltwater heated pools, Turkish bath, sauna, Jacuzzi, relaxing water bed, thermal beds, a tour of stones, igloo and baths. The water, drawn directly from the Mediterranean, gives you all its benefits and provides wellness and health. You can choose between beauty treatments, to help with rejuvenation, weight loss and stress programmes.

2. Six Senses Spa at Puente Romano Beach Resort

Six Senses Spa Marbella offers a wide and comprehensive well-being charter of spa experiences. This spa will provide you with the guidance and inspiration needed to teach you new perspectives. It will help you to carry out positive changes you need to make to your lifestyle.

3. The Health & Spa Centre Las Dunas

The perfect place to relax in an exceptional setting, where modern therapies and glamour are. The cutting-edge therapies, the spacious Spa of more than three thousand square metres and the indoor pools, salt and snow cabin, the caldarium and 18 treatment rooms. Las Dunas offers you the latest in treatments exclusively related to dietary. You look and feel healthier and happier.

4. Villa Padierna Thermae Spa

Four steam rooms with different essential aromas one with sea salt, one Greek sauna, two Finnish saunas. A very atmospheric dynamic swimming pool and a treatment room with oxygen bubbles. Indulge your senses in the Aromatic Thermal Circuit or experience the Roman thermal baths in XXI century comfort.

5. Don Carlos Spa

At the Don Carlos Spa, you’ll have the privilege of being able to enjoy a luxurious massage in the garden facing the sea. Sophisticated treatments like body wraps or oriental therapies to make the most of your beauty, to feel good or, simply to relax. A truly revealing experience.

Relax, unwind and regenerate in Marbella

No doubt that a spa experience will remove all your everyday worries. At the same time, you will connect with yourself. Nowadays, spending your leisure time or holidays caring for your health is becoming more and more popular. This may be a cure for a medical condition or an escape from the stress and anxiety that is ever far from modern urban life. There is nothing better than a period of rest and quiet. Marbella spas have been becoming popular again over the last decade. The result has been a modernisation of facilities and introduction of the latest technical innovations.

Are you ready to pamper yourself? The first step to feeling wonderful is booking your dream spa experience treatment.

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